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Just add 2 tbsp to your breakfast!

Powerful nutrition is right here...


Let's rise and shine together, one breakfast at a time!


The nutritional powerhouse of high-grade superfoods wisely selected for the daily performance of strong bodies, sharp minds and uplifted spirits.

Breakfast Supercharger
  • Focus

    Support brain function for mental clairty

  • Power

    Key essential nutrients for peak performance

  • Adaptogen

    Nervous system stability for stress resilience

  • Gut-Brain

    Microbiome nourishment for holistic health


What our People Say

I am so grateful that the boom shiva breakfast has entered my life. I absolutely love it. Not only does it taste great but I can taste the love and passion that has gotten me into it. 

Best way to eat in the whole world! Healthy, cleansing, sustaining and super delicious! Once you go Boom Shiva you never go back baby! Full Power Revolution

Best power breakfast with superfood ingredients. Does not only provide me with enough energy for the day but also had a magical effect on my skin after just two weeks, gave me that boom shiva glow!

Boom Shiva IS a break-fast revolution! It's not just a collection of ingredients, but rather a multi-superfood fusion that seems to power you beyond what you thought possible. The body's signal of hunger is really a cry for nutrition. Boom Shiva does not suppress your appetite by stimulating you, it fully satisfies and satiates you by being the most nutrient-dense meal on earth!

Amazing - lovely with coconut yoghurt and strawberries yum yum or in a smoothie with frozen berries. So good !!!