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Boom Shiva at the Biophilia Festival 2018

Boom Shiva at the Biophilia Festival 2018

The Biophilia Festival is a 3-day gathering near Queenstown, NZ. It brings together a diverse team of educators, practitioners, artists, and musicians to explore our human potential.

Biophilia Festival Queenstown

We had the honor to lead a Boom Shiva Breakfast Ceremony on the last day. This was our biggest event so far!

Boom Shiva Breakfast Ceremony at Biophilia

100 souls came together to create a powerful morning ritual of nourishment. We sang, danced, talked nutrition, and fed ourselves in the most complete way.

Boom Shiva morning ritual

Boom Shiva Kirtan at Biophilia

Everybody got to make their own Boom Shiva with the highest quality ingredients, including our Breakfast Supercharger >>> buy here :) , our home-made sexy-berry chia jam, pumpkin seed butter and coconut yogurt! You can check out the recipe here.

Boom Shiva Ingredients and Preparation

Ben and Marleen at Biophilia

This is truly what Boom Shiva is about. Bringing light onto the power of a conscious breakfast ritual. Bringing people together for a collective moment of nourishment. Hope to see you at our next Boom Shiva Breakfast event!

Boom Shiva Breakfast Supercharger Biophilia

Ben and Marleen Boom Shiva Event

With all our love,

Ben & Marleen.



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