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How we created the Breakfast Supercharger

How we created the Breakfast Supercharger

After a year backpacking through South East Asia and India, we arrived in New Zealand on September 11th, 2015. Travelling can be exhausting and we didn't always have access to the most nutritious food. 

One of our goals upon arrival was to regain strength and vitality. We knew that nutrition was the foundation. We wanted to make sure that our bodies were receiving the essential nutrients they needed on a daily basis. We decided to create the healthiest breakfast ever. BOOM SHIVA was born!

We didn't find the solution overnight. And the truth is that our daily Boom Shiva is still evolving! But what we found is that certain foods were particularly dense in essential nutrients. They had healing properties for our gut and brain, while supporting optimal function of our physiology and nervous system. As we kept feeding on those superfoods, our energy rose, our strength built up, and our mood brightened up, we were onto something!

People around us started asking: "what's this Boom Shiva all about?!" We shared it and everybody loved it. But it was quite a mission to make. We always had to combine many ingredients, which was time consuming, both for shopping and preparation. One day, our friend Bruce said: "can't you just make me a mix so I can eat Boom Shiva at home?" The Breakfast Supercharger was born!

It took us half a year to finalize the recipe. Some of you have tried our original "SuperMix", and will see that our final product is a bit different. Our goal was to create the best combination of superfoods, designed to optimize breakfast nutrition. We didn't want to tell people what to eat for breakfast. So the Supercharger is versatile and can be added to any favorite breakfast. It will simply "pimp it up" and ensure appropriate consumption of protein, essential fats, vitamins and minerals. 

All of this with great taste and textures! Because our goal is to show how delicious it is to be healthy!

Boom Shiva!



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